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It would be awesome to have some kind of Reddit-like feature request tracker where users (longtime and otherwise) could submit and vote on feature requests, and get live tracking on status and resolution: https://featureupvote.com/

There’s so much to be gained by really opening up the dialogue channels between users and developers – particularly those users who are digging through the nitty-gritty of the software and running up against quirks, bugs and other shortcomings on a more than daily basis.

I’m no software dev (in practice – I did study it) but the L18 changelist seems arse-about and I feel some easy “quick wins” were overlooked. I don’t care about things like audio waveforms or stock buttons – for me it’s all about usability and efficiency. I wanna spend less time grappling with tools and more time pumping out great learning content.

(I’m also never going to use pre-packaged templates or stock assets, and someone please take my job away from me if I ever use one of those dorky cut-out characters in a course… with extremely cheap access to resources like VectorStock and NounProject they just don’t stack up anymore.)

I am a one-man development band spanning a heap of tools and Lectora is by FAR the weakest link in my workflow from a UX and efficiency perspective.

This makes me extremely sad due to Lectora’s incredible potential to create heavy-hitting bespoke courseware… but reality bites and I can only spend so many hours in a day wrangling with seriously elementary UX issues that have no clear roadmap to ever being resolved.

For now I’ve got no reason to upgrade to the newest version, and am starting to explore other options. A real shame when there is such a wealth of on-the-ground user knowledge and feedback to be reaped here.

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