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If lectora put out standard web content (real HTML5) it would be the best of both worlds. Those of us who know web development would be able to use the app as it was intended, as a rapid authoring tool. We could then style and control it to our hearts content. Those who are not as savvy with web design would still be able to do everything they can now. Think of it as a shell that handles all the boring SCORM communication.

This would require a huge re-write. for instance, responsive design. If the developers decide against using CSS GRID, they could do something like Bootstrap Studio for responsive design. Either of these would give intermediate and advanced users complete control over everything regarding responsive content and would always remain browser compatible moving forward. The pseudo responsive design the application uses now is infuriating to work with, buggy at best and I believe unsustainable as technology progresses.

Styling. Separate CSS has been around since 1994. Need I say more? Also, someone needs to tell SkillSoft that using SVG should have made output lighter and more accessible to end users. They added weight (graphics are still there last time I looked) and layers and layers deep make manipulation more difficult. The only thing I can think of is that it is on purpose for proprietary reasons. These things make this a beginner/novice application with limitations. There are no limitations in web design; you’re only limited by your ability.

Instead of changing the programming to be more web like as the web progressed, this application held it’s ground and now it is so convoluted in it’s processing that because of the way everything effects everything else a total re-write would be necessary. I’m sure this would mean either the death of Lectora OR a new application (something like Lectora Online, perhaps – I haven’t tried it and doubt I will) that can be sold as new for a new revenue stream.

Because of the way Lectora works, I have serious doubts that it will be able to keep up and remain compatible in the coming years as web design and browsers progress further. At this point, starting with a boilerplate, using a scormwrapper and having a library of re-usable JavaScript functions for question types, Audio and Video is strong competition to not only Lectora but Articulates offerings as well. With all this said, I’d still love to see Lectora change and output real HTML5 (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

Disclaimer of sorts. Although you may feel I’m trashing the application, it is not my intention. We just re-upped three new licenses, which was not cheap, so I feel I have the right to opine. Skillsoft/Trivantis or whatever they go by now, would be best off listening to the advanced loyal patrons (they know who know they are), many of which are more skilled than myself, and take heed.

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