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@jme973 , that sure sounds like a Workday incompatibility or bug. In your shoes I would definitely turn on debugging and upload that package, and monitor the transaction when the course tries to set AICC_Completion_Status. You might have to use a network monitor like Wireshark to capture the full exchange.

My own company uses the SAP Success Factors LMS (formerly Plateau). I was forced to debug a problem with AiCC uploads there myself (no help from either our internal IT or from Trivantis). It turns out that Lectora supports the last  draft version of AICC and Success Factors supports the last accepted version. The internal structure of the archives is slightly different. I had to write my own Python script to convert the Lectora packages into SF-compatible format. My point being: with a non-industry-leading LMS and an obsolete package format, Trivantis may not be highly motivated to help, and you might be on your own.