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Now I’m getting the completion but no score.  I tried to set the Modify Variable to AICC_Score with no value (I want the learner’s test score to transit not a set value) and when I test I get a error message thrown when the course completes.

Have you tried my solution above? Make the AICC_Score equal to the assessment_score via an action. That’s what solved it for me. The score wasn’t being passed along for some reason. I also had to set AICC_Lesson_Status manually via an action (the status would be set to pass or fail depending on a conditional check of the assessment_score being passing or failing).


Lastly, make sure you have the action which sends the data to the LMS. I think by default it’s added to the last page of an assessment, but I’ve often added it in a few other places as well so ensure that if a student leaves mid-way through it will report their status more accurately (currently SCORM 1.2 Lectora-generated content will report the location in the content the student was in, but nothing else if I’m recalling correctly).