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Sorry for the delay in responding to you all – I’ve been hoping for an update from our client – which has essentially been, even though the course works on SCORM cloud there is something wrong with it, it’s not Workday’s fault.

CarlFink – thanks for the suggestion, I don’t have access to their environment – I’m relying on them to test and they are punting that it’s a course issue without trying anything else.

Tim – they claim that Workday accepts both SCORM 1.2 and 2004.  I gave them a 2004 version and they said it didn’t work, so we’ve been focusing on 1.2.  It’s been super frustrating because I don’t get much more information than ‘it doesn’t work’, that could be anything.

dOubleO – I tried passed, as you suggested – same result – the score records but that status remains incomplete (with an error message).

The course shows a status of complete on SCORM cloud.  Here is a link to the debug log if you want to take a look – https://cloud.scorm.com/sc/guest/ViewDebugLog?logId=005efcfd-a662-4633-99c6-d4c6073b0694&courseTitle=Introduction+to+the+Insurance+Industry

The client clipped a piece of the log and said this is why the course is ‘broken’ – see attached image – the arrow.  This has been super frustrating, this course (and others) have been working on 4 LMS’s perfectly for a long time.  I know it’s not ‘broken’.