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So, did this functionality change for Lectora Online? I entered a support case late yesterday (171289), but if anyone is looking and knows how to deal with this, it would be great.

I’m updating a title that had 2 Captivate html5 simulations in it. I’m trying to update the 2 and add 1 more.

Resources for the file included two named folders under Folder (zipped).

If I elect to replace folders when I upload a new zip file, the new folder gets unzipped under Folder (zipped) in Resources and all folders get replaced.

The simulations are launching from pages in a separate Popups folder (user clicks a button to open the page in a new window). Each of the 3 simulation pages has a Web Window on it. The Window Source is Local Web-based Content and Relative Path goes to the subfolder and index file. (Each index file has a unique name.)

On entry to the Web Window box, the OK button is gray. If I remove the folder name, it is still gray. If I replace the folder name with “Folder (zipped)” the OK turns black and I can save this. However, when I Publish the file to SCORM, Preview the title, and open that page, I get an HTTP Status 500 Error.

On one attempt to update the zipped files, I selected the option to Merge folders. I tried changing the paths on the Web Window boxes, and as I expected, the simulations did not launch and I got the same 500 error.