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I tested a version of my courseware, so this is not necessarily an exhaustive list. I have submitted these to the WCAG team, and got an immediate reply that these would be looked at right away.

Here is what my testing showed…


  1. The visual indicators for focus are not visible if the object is on top of another object. The box-shadows draw as the bottom-most layer behind everything else. For a workaround, I used the trivantis-focus.css provided with v17 which includes an outline definition that gives a visual indication of focus.
  2. There is no focus indicator visible for transparent buttons which tend to be on top of other objects (same box-shadow issue as above). To fix, I edited the HTML file to set the opacity of the surrounding DIV to be 1 instead of 0.01. That shows the outline defined in the v17 trivantis-focus.css.
  3. Audio DIV container has tabindex=0 instead of -1. For a workaround, I edited mediaelement-and-player.js line 2439.

Screen Reader:

  1. An HTML extension object (custom DIV) is incorrectly written to the top of the HTML instead of with the page objects where it should be. To fix, I edited the HTML file to move the object.


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