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I swapped out the Lectora generated buttons for graphical buttons (PNGs) I created in Inkscape.  I still had the same problem with things coming out “fuzzy”.  It turns out this was caused by the “Scale to fit” option in the Publish window.  When I turn that option off, and re-publish I don’t have the same issue.

With graphical buttons this makes a little sense, as the more you scale the PNGs you’re likely to get distortion.  PNGs, JPGs, etc… don’t always scale well.  Although, I shall admit I thought it was a bit strange that the published buttons appear in SVG <PATH> tags, and the graphic is used as a background fill.  I should think a standard tag with a bit of CSS would have been sufficient to render them. I’m sure you have your reasons for doing it this way.  (Probably a backwards-compatibility thing with IE or something.)

With the Lectora generated buttons, this phenomena does perplex me a little bit.  I didn’t look at the coding of the Lectora generated buttons that in-depth, but if they’re truly rendered using SVG I should think they would scale better with no blur.  #Strange

In either case, still no shadows on publish.