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  • Set a default for textelement styling – When creating a new textelement the styling ( in Lectora Online ) is set to a margin of 5. For some that might be fine, for me it is not, because it makes aligning elements with text harder. So instead of a fixed value i would suggest define a variable that can be changed per title.
  • Remember visible/invisible elements in title explorer on reopening – Now it doesnot. All is standard made visible. With complex pages with dozens of layers and elements it gets tough to manage. First you need to make things invisible in the title explorer that you dont want to show at start. And you need to do that over and over again each time you make changes to that page. Gets quite cumbersome when you have pages with more then 20 layers/elements/ groups on it. So i would like that visible/invisible state to be remembered on reopening.
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