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A little late to the party here, but I’ve been trying to search for a long time on how to do this “properly”. From what I can say is yes, in an offline output, tracking is tracked to some degree. I get this work using an offline output saved to an .exe file. When run on a system it tracks and stores the completion variables I set along with quiz/question variables and custom variables. The one thing I can never get a clear answer on is where this info is stored. I assume a temp file is written somewhere on the system, but no one seems to know where or won’t divulge that info. My hope was that if I knew where and could write some sort of script or something to save or pull info from that location that I could better save the data I want. Right now as is, it only saves one set of variables, so if multiple users use the training, the newest overwrites the last – which isn’t ideal, but my customer doesn’t seem to mind either – we just put a warning on there that if you don’t finish, another user may overwrite your progress and you’ll have to start over.

The one thing I will say is I attach variables to everything, I don’t rely on Lectora doing what it’s supposed to. i.e. On each page, the next button fores an action to mark the page completed, on the last page of the section I fire a action to mark that section variable complete, when all sections are complete I fire an action to mark the chapter complete. I don’t rely on Lectora to see a page as visited and mark it in progress and then complete, I force the variable to do it.