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Thank you Carl,

Apologies for my posting in the wrong area, but I wasn’t able to find the Questions and Answers.  I’d appreciate much if you send me the link and I’ll save it to my Desktop.  Thank you in advance.

As for my Next button issue, I just moved my training to Lectora 18.0. However, I tested the .html generated by 17 and had the same issue: the Next button doesn’t appear when using Google Chrome.  The Next button is actually an arrow image that I used in Image Button to create the button.  There are also assigned shortcuts to Next/Previous buttons: OnRightArrowGotoNextPage and OnLeftArrowGotoPreviousPage.

I publish my training for SCORM, but usually test the button using the index.html file. It works fine with Edge and IE but not in Chrome.  I’m also using the Accessibility feature if that helps.

I’m not sure if my workplace rules would allow me to upload the file but I’ll appreciate any helping tip.

Thank you again and apologies for the wrong posting location,