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When you preview the page in browser (without publishing first), does the button show up?  (if it shows up there, but not when you publish, then perhaps you could play with the publish settings.

I’ve had a course from a vendor that didn’t work inside of the company browser settings because we didn’t have the particular assets (shapes) available and would need to adjust our settings to make it work (in that case the buttons were showing an ‘x’ like an unloadable image should be there).  Instead, we had the vendor change the buttons…but since your left button works, and just not your right, then that doesn’t seem like a likely cause, but worth investigating by trying some other type of object as your button to help you diagnose the problem.

Have you tried adjusting your Chrome settings at all, or maybe try on another device running Chrome to see if you experience the same issue?  Seems like the most likely culprit this is working on other browsers, but hard to say for sure without digging into the .awt file a bit.   Just some ideas…