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I’m not an expert, but the message:

LMSSetValue Error: cmi.session_time to [PT0H0M14S] Data Model Element Type Mismatch.

would seem to say that you’re trying to set a time value to the odd string value “PToHoM14S”. I think I see that Ho would be hours, M minutes, and S seconds, but what would P or To be? I wonder if that’s a format type that your new LMS does not recognize but the old one did.

Then the second message:

LMSSetValue Error: adl.nav.request to [exit] Data Model Element is Read Only.

That seems to indicate that the new LMS just plain won’t let you set the session time–it can only be set automatically by the LMS, if I am guessing correctly. Are you changing that SCORM variable with an action, or is it something Lectora generated?