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And now, there’s this Trojan that was found in the latest update for 18…
Hello, Thank you for contacting Trivantis Customer Solutions. We understand that you have encountered an issue with the most recent update to Microsoft Windows Defender quarantining one of Lectora’s application files, CefSubProcess.exe.  This file is a valid Lectora file, and has been included since version 17.1. We are actively working with Microsoft to ensure that the file is no longer quarantined.

What the people at Lectora don’t seem to know is that the second that a Trojan is discovered on our government computers, secret IT people drop from the ceiling (minutes after the Trojans are flagged) and take our computers and immediately format them. Yes, data is normally backed up, but do you know how long it takes to backup, delete, and re-image a computer? For us, like 24 hours. And then, do you know how long it takes to reinstall all of our programs? (Adobe CC2018, Cinema4D, all the friggin plugins and addins that we need to call or email to de-register, re-register, etc…) Another full day.

Not happy with the QC at Trivantis. I’m sure they’ll blame Microsoft for this, but I’m not seeing too many other companies having these issues.