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It’s always the same principle: Find the difference!

Find a difference between the scorm and the html output and use it. A difference is the existence of scorm variables. You can build two versions of your page (on the same page) and show only those elements that you want a scorm / html user to see. Then create two action groups one to show the scorm version and one for the html version.

Add an action to the page:

On: Show
Action: Run action group
Target: Show scorm version


If AICC_Student_Name Contains “,”


Action: Run action group
Target: Show HTML version

AICC_Student_Name is a variable Lectora uses for scorm courses to fill in the users name as “Name, Firstname”. Only if the course is run from an LMS the variable will contain a comma, otherwise it will be empty or undefined or something but it won’t contain a comma.

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