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Carl, you’re missing it please take another look. It is in both files I uploaded. Keep in mind that in the exported sample, External-Player.zip you will find the correct index.html in the extern\webwin40 folder. You seem to be looking in the wrong place. Do not mess with the Lectora stuff.

Also, in the second zip (CustomizedPlayer) look in, or better yet, do a search in the index.html file. The preload attribute it is certainly there in the video tag.

What I posted is exactly what you indicated you needed for that project. I wouldn’t mess to much with it. It is a concise as possible and simply reusable, even for a novice.

If you are planning on adding an entire copy of the MediaElement.js source files keep in mind that without knowing which files to include/remove it will be way heavier than necessary. That’s why I stripped out everything that was not needed. Why not just work with Lectora’s, it’s the same thing. If you want to work with Lectora’s you’ll just have to figure out how to traverse the dom to get at it.