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@timk – I was publishing from Lectora 17.0.1, but after reading your post I went back and published from my other L16.2.2 license… and the test is scoring correctly in IE!! In hindsight this should have been the first thing I tried.

Now, why L17 doesn’t publish properly is anyone’s guess – I tried a couple of other things to no avail:

  • Removing the test object and replacing with a fresh one
  • Removing the Assignable Unit and replacing with a fresh AU
  • Removing and re-adding the ProcessTest action
  • Creating an entirely new blank course and migrating the existing content across


I’m conscious that 17.0.1 is reasonably old, but hesitant to upgrade for the usual reasons!

As an aside, I have a custom results page that shows the score as a percentage. The test is processed and the score is 25 / 100, then an OnPageLoad action concatenates the “%” character before displaying it on page to the learner.

@wheels – The console’s not throwing up any errors, from the course’s point of view everything is running fine. The only difference in any of the debug output is that L17 + IE = score set to 100 no matter what.

The only theories I have left:

  • My copy of 17.0.1 is haunted by a poltergeist
  • Bill Gates is plotting a conspiracy to give IE users bonus points
  • ??????