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There’s a lot there so I will work on trying to answer it all. Most of it is doable (Auto play, onEnd action). Not too sure about the issue on your server, I don’t think the information services should be an issue. Keep in mind that returning the progress bar will give the participant the ability to skip ahead. I can’t take the credit for the skip back script as it was lifted directly from the demo, however, you’re welcome for any help I have provided. What is happening when you resize the web window? I did not have an issue. Remember, you’ll need to change the video size (in the web window html.index) to match the height and width of your video. From there, you should be able to make the web window size in Lectora match that height and width.

I’ll work on the auto-play and having the MediaElement player send an onEnd action to Lectora’s action system. I’m a little busy right at this moment so it might take a bit to get back, keep checking.