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I am still working in Lectora 17.1.3 . I have to publish in Scorm 1.2 and only using internet explorer. I attached the file.

I have transparent buttons over each letter in a textbox. the big transparent  button is there to simply disable while displaying one of the letters contents…

On to the problem.. at letter M the buttons seem to shift right. So much so that if I click on “P” the contents of “O” is displayed. and the “P” is located in the blank white space to the right of the letter.

I’ve tried moving the buttons and text to the left, tried making the transparent buttons smaller, tried locking the position, tried ungrouping, tried publishing to see if it would be that way in the lms. I haven’t tried another browser such as chrome or firefox and am curious to know does this problem still occur in a new browser. how can I fix this?

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