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You could always build your own bookmarking feature – self-contained within the module.

Say you create a variable I’ll call ‘var_page’ initially equal to 0, and retain variable between session.  On the first page ‘on page show, mod var_page equal to 1’, and the 2nd page ‘on page show mod var_page equal to 2’, etc.

Then add a button on the module that you would likely describe in your ‘navigation page’ that it is a bookmarking feature allowing the user to jump back to the last page they visited if not taking the module all at once.

That bookmarking feature / progress tracker… whatever you’d like to call it, would show them a button option to return to the last page they were on (the button would have a series of actions attached… ‘go to page 1 if var_page = 1’, next action is ‘go to page 2 if var_page = 2’, so on and so forth for as many pages as you have.

You could probably also do this leveraging the status indicator?  Anyway, this one option that should work – there are likely other ways to deal with this as well – maybe there is a simple action you could add to every page that would commit the variable value and communicate it to the LMS – so maybe wait a few days to see other responses before committing to a resolution.  ;  )