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I tested in moodle with Lectora 17.0.6 (no seamless play) and IE 11. In my combination the default bookmarking works flawlessly. In the end this might mean that there are lots of potential sources for your issue.

You can set LMS values with javascript. The bookmark is saved in cmi.core.lesson_location (Scorm variable) via AICC_Lesson_Location (Lectora). I tested with an action on AU level:

On: Show
Action: Run javascript

var adress = window.location.href.split("/");
var bookmark = adress[adress.length-1];
LMSSetValue("cmi.core.lesson_location", bookmark);

The code retrieves the file name of the current page (e.g. “a001_page_1.html”) and saves it to the LMS immediately. Through this “AICC_Lesson_Location” is bypassed but you might check whether this variable is updated correctly in your course and use it instead.

This worked in moodle, i.e. the bookmark (cmi.core.lesson_location) is updated whenever a page is loaded. The default prompt to redirect me is shown when I reopen the course … but of course at this point the LMS value has been overwritten by Lectoras default bookmarking.


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