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Ohhh … just came across Darrel’s previous message in the other thread, saying, “By the way, the Auto play property will work just fine once it’s uploaded to your server. It wont work locally.” I’m speculating that “Preview in Browser” won’t work for that reason, but if I publish the course to HTML and preview it from the publish dialogue, it will (because that runs a minimal local web server). I’m testing that right now but this course has “make the student wait for the video to play” timing so it might be over an hour to get to the offending page.



[edit] and Darrel was correct, as one would expect. Sorry to bother people, leaving this thread up in case someone else searches for this.

Hey, Trivantis: maybe make “Preview in Browser” use the same minimal web server that Preview from the Publish dialog uses? I mean, it’s the same code, just link to it from another button ….

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