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Hey Dave…thanks for confirming another instance of my issue.  That’s the same Chrome version I’m running on my dev laptop.

I thought maybe the issue could be with the v18 non-seamless player.  To test that theory, I pulled a course published with v16.2.2 (pre seamless), one published with v17.1.2 (seamless disabled), and another title published with v17.1.7 (seamless disabled).  These are courses that have worked fine in the past, but today, they all exhibited the same issue.  Attempting to go full screen video in Chrome caused the browser to crash.

I’ve been able to replicate this Chrome issue on multiple PCs, Android phones, and a Mac (some at completely different locations and on different networks).  Interestingly enough, the latest version of Chrome for iPad and iPhone works just fine!  I was able to successfully go full screen on multiple Apple devices.

So I’m considering the test results above, the fact that all other browsers work fine with my non-seamless courses, and the seamless versions of the courses work perfectly in Chrome.  Thus far, the evidence points to an issue between a recent version of Chrome and any non-seamless course, new or old.