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Crashes in Chromium (the open source core of Chrome) on Linux, too. Not obvious why, at least to me. The Chrome JavaScript Console shows nothing when the crash happens. I would suspect the problem is a bug in Chrome. I’d report the problem to the Chromium project, or Google. Maybe via http://bugs.chromium.org?

Brian, you mentioned trying a different player. The JS player I use was very kindly hacked by Darrel Somoza here: https://community.trivantis.com/forums/topic/full-screen-video-via-javascript/

As mentioned upthread, for reasons I don’t yet know it won’t maximize if, and only if, the course is AICC and launched from an LMS. Clicking the maximize button has no effect. (On Firefox I can right-click and go full-screen, but Chrome/Chromium does not allow this.)  If I publish as HTML maximization works fine. No clue what’s up with that. I haven’t tested anything but AICC and HTML (no SCORM, no xAPI, etc.). I can’t test maximizing because … I can’t maximize.

One advantage of testing this: you could put diagnostic code in the JavaScript, since you control it. This would at least let you identify what line is causing the crash.