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Therese, I would first try what tea is telling you. She has a much better grasp using assistive technology in Lectora than I do and it seems to be the easiest solution if it works for you. Also, I did you a disservice. Because you mentioned you know JavaScript I forgot to tell you that you have to load jQuery as a header script before using it in your project. I apologize, that was a dumb error on my part putting the horse before the cart. Here’s how to add jQuery.

  1. Download the attached zip that contains the newest full version of jQuery (compressed minified version 3.3.1).
  2. Unzip the file to a location where you will browse to in a minute (desktop works fine).
  3. In Lectora, with your project open and your title selected, insert an HTML Extension (Insert tab – Add Web Object panel).
  4. That will add the extension to your root. With it selected choose the Properties tab or Double click the HTML Extension.
  5. In the first panel make sure the name is HTML Extension, for Type select Header Scripting from drop down.
  6. For File select browse for file and navigate to where you unzipped jQuery and select jquery-3.3.1.min.js.

That’s it. You know have loaded jQuery to use throughout your project. Let me know if you still get the blank screen. Again, sorry about the oversight.