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If you mean ‘a preview in the Lectora editor’ with ‘Green preview’ then its crystal clear. Lectora uses some internal server to preview…so anything you notice inthere, may be totally different when publishing to a LMS or website and viewing it there. There are some really obvious differences between preview in Lectora itself and when seen on the final LMS or site. Apart from the most basic behaviour of Lectora you only can trust a Page Preview (F9) or a published preview. Next to that each browser and device has its own quirks. IE and Edge being the most hated amongst webdevelopers. In fact that is what you should be aware of. You are making HTML5…and that looks different on different browsers and devices. To ensure all is 100% as you want it…you need to  test and debug on all the devices you want it to be on… Functionality however should behave the same…