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ahh, I see.  Well the links are going to be determined by where you host your module – the .awt file internally is not going to know that information.  So for example if you are hosting the content on a web server, you can find the link to each page by copying the address in your browser that the page is on (maybe not if you are publishing to seamless play, I can’t remember for sure), but its going to be more of a manual process to create (as far as I can tell).

If you are uploading the content directly to an LMS, then there would be a different browser address that may/may not be visible/accessible outside of logging into the LMS.  They would all end the same (with a version of the name of the chapter/page, etc. in your module), but where it is hosted will determine how the address starts out.  Does that make sense?  If you are having issues finding the full address of each chapter/page (depending on what exact links you need inside the content), you could always publish a 2nd version of the module that would be accessible outside the LMS environment (again, depending on how the content is hosted).

Someone else might have a better idea though – so I wouldn’t make any immediate decisions on your next steps…

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