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sounds like you are still needing to troubleshoot the source of the issue – from your perspective, nothing has changed anywhere, and now things aren’t working?  some ideas on maybe how to help narrow down the issue:

  1. Does this happen with every browser you have available, or just in one of them?
  2. Does this happen with all SCORM courses, or just the Lectora courses (do you have a vendor course you could test, or something build in a different authoring tool?)
  3. Does this happen when accessed from within citrix, and without, or just one or the other?
  4. Does this happen to no matter where you house the SCORM file? (in case you have more than one location you are hosting from, or on a different server than the LMS (maybe that is only for AICC type)
  5. Does this happen with AICC content and SCORM, or just SCORM?

bottom line is that SOMETHING has changed if it all worked before, and then suddenly it isn’t.  Start with getting the time period narrowed down as much as possible, then you can start looking into what updates went out system-wide within that time period to your user machines, or to the servers you are hosting your platform on.  hope this helps with the troubleshooting…