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I appreciate the help.  Being able to do this, would open so many possibilities to create the content for the students that gives them unlimited practice.

I hate to be a pain, but it seems like the form has to be reset to show the variables with comma separators. Is that correct? I need the variables in the text-box to show as numbers separated by the commas on page show.

In my efforts to make the file smaller, I may have took out too much, so please see attached zip file with the entire question.

I like how Darrel’s code worked for the entry fields, as it formatted the text as the student typed, but it only worked for the numbers below 10,000. Is there a way to adjust it, so it works for larger numbers?

Also, is there a way to format how the inline variables appear on page show? I have other questions that I am working on that have text and variable in the text box. Hopefully, with a HTML extension on the title or test level defining the function, that can then be easily called with action to “run JavaScript”…with time I am determined to learn JavaScript so I am comfortable with using it, but for now I am a complete novice. (lol)

Sorry for all the questions. You guys are amazing for helping! Thank you 🙂

  1. Mod2_3-1.zip