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Tim beat me… well here is my version πŸ˜‰

Formatting Input Fields and more…

The open questions you had on Tim’s latest version and theΒ  > 10,000 thingy are solved in my solution.
The > 10,000 was because of the RegEx you used. I am no RegEx expert either, so had to Google about it too…
The RegEx you used, works on every 3 digits… so 1,00…next digit it triggers… and so on… some Googling got me
too a solution using if/thens whenever you have more then 3 digits…

For onShow you have to make sure you have all in 1 function…then you can call that onShow. Some delay needed i notice, and still not yet perfect….if you type quick…some letters wont count…

Well not perfect yet, but also a step further…

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