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I also checked it in the responsive course made in the Lectora 18 demo. The problem is the same. The course does not adjust to the space provided by, for example, the Moodle LMS. I have analyzed Lectora code and I think the problem lies in the findWH() function. This line does not perform:
if(is.iOS && (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('CellCast-iPad') != -1 || navigator.userAgent.indexOf('CellCast-iPhone') != -1) ) winW = getScreenWidth();
I added this code in this place:

if(is.iOS) {
winW = getScreenWidth();
winH = getScreenHeight();

Works better, but only if the course is opened in a new window. The embedded course still misses the available width.
Has anyone encountered a similar problem and has a solution for it?

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