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This unfortunately requires a detailed analysis of the Lectora code. From what I was able to determine, a small change in the findWH function helped a bit as I mentioned earlier. This function is on every page and looks like this:

function findWH(){ //echo LD-769
if (is.ie9) {
var vScrollAdj = (is.ns ? 16 : 20);
winW = (is.ns) ? window.innerWidth - vScrollAdj : document.body.offsetWidth;
winH = (is.ns) ? window.innerHeight : document.body.offsetHeight;
else if (is.ie) {
winW = Math.max(Math.max(getDisplayDocument().body.scrollWidth, getDisplayDocument().documentElement.scrollWidth)-16,
Math.max(getDisplayDocument().body.offsetWidth, getDisplayDocument().documentElement.offsetWidth)-16,
Math.max(getDisplayDocument().body.clientWidth, getDisplayDocument().documentElement.clientWidth)-16 );
winH = Math.max(Math.max(getDisplayDocument().body.scrollHeight, getDisplayDocument().documentElement.scrollHeight)-16,
Math.max(getDisplayDocument().body.offsetHeight, getDisplayDocument().documentElement.offsetHeight)-16,
Math.max(getDisplayDocument().body.clientHeight, getDisplayDocument().documentElement.clientHeight)-16 );
winW = getDisplayDocument().documentElement.clientWidth ? getDisplayDocument().documentElement.clientWidth : getDisplayDocument().body.clientWidth;
if(is.iOS && (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('CellCast-iPad') != -1 || navigator.userAgent.indexOf('CellCast-iPhone') != -1) )
winW = getScreenWidth();
winH = getDisplayDocument().documentElement.clientHeight ? getDisplayDocument().documentElement.clientHeight : getDisplayDocument().body.clientHeight;

The line with iOS did not execute on the iPad. That’s why I changed it a bit and it helped, but it’s still not enought in the case of the embedded course. The getScreenWidth() function is in the trivantis.js file, but I have not yet dug up to the place that needs to be improved.

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