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Math – If you find something, I will be grateful for the hint.
tea – I did not use any sample template. I always start with a blank design. This project was made in Lectora 17, and there is no option to disable views. Besides, in this project, only scaling option is important. I don’t want to enable responsive option.
I also did some tests in lectora 18 and regardless of the settings, the course is always bigger than it should in the lms. I did not disable any views in the responsive mode during these tests. I am sending screen shots of settings from three different test cases.
In summary, the most important thing is to make settings from test1 screenshots to start working properly in Lectora 17 (scaling without responsive). Now the result in Lector 17 and 18 is the same.
It’s ok if I will have to add some changes in published course files. This course must start working as soon as possible.
It will be great if you can help me with that.