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Thank you for everyone’s replies so far. We did rename the SCORM package and ran into the same issue.

Currently my theory is this has to do with the Images folder that is appearing outside of the Course’s ZIP File.

“When I open the SCORM file and then open the html file I find 4 things. An images folder, a debug text doc, a XML Document of the course, and a compressed ZIP file of the course. When I click on the images folder it is filled with all the items I have deleted from the course (the info icon, the pop up box and text, etc.). Whenever I publish the SCORM file this images folder is updating at the same time. When I open the ZIP file none of the old images in the separate images folder appear in the images folder in the ZIP file but whenever I publish the SCORM file I can see that this Images folder is being modified at the same time (both read 4/10/2019 9:50AM).”

Has anyone else ran into an issue like this before where deleted images are appearing in their own, separate folder that is updating whenever they republish to SCORM?