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Non-English closed caption files must specify the language in the filename. This should solve both problems, I think.

For instance, if you are using .SRT files, the file naming convention is:

<b>filename.[language code]_[country code].srt</b>

Example: MyCaptions.es_LA.srt

Here are the valid language-country code combinations for Spanish:
<ul class=”uiList _1_ey _4kg _6-h _6-j _6-i”>
<li class=”_1_ez”><b>es_CL</b> (Spanish – Chile)
<li class=”_1_ez”><b>es_CO</b> (Spanish – Colombia)
<li class=”_1_ez”><b>es_ES</b> (Spanish – Spain)
<li class=”_1_ez”><b>es_LA</b> (Spanish)
<li class=”_1_ez”><b>es_MX</b> (Spanish – Mexico)
<li class=”_1_ez”><b>es_VE</b> (Spanish – Venezuela)

Good luck!