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Attached is a quick example with some explanation on the pages.  Cool thing about Lectora is that there are a lot of different ways to accomplish what you need – here’s just one way of doing it.  More explanation in the module, but a quick overview:

  1. background of module set to gray (so that the whole page even outside the module dimensions will blend in).  White square added for the white in the middle.  (if you want it consistent all the way across, you could use a background strip that has white on top and bottom with gray, and have that repeat in the background using a small bit of CSS (html extension) – will only show up when you preview in browser though, not while you are editing.  I can share that if you like as well).
  2. progress bar is already programmed for you – pretty much just drop it into your module.
  3. play/pause is really not needed in most situations (but I guess it depends on what you are using it for).  Works with media, not for the ‘page’ itself.
  4. generally speaking the page will refresh when you revisit.  Using variables you can make actions sticky (example in attachment).  If you are creating pages with a lot of content/actions on each page, and you want to reset the current page, you can do that will actions (You could essentially have a button that has as many actions as you need to resent everything back).  there also is an action to ‘reset all variables’ that applies to the whole module.
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  1. template-wbt.zip