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Well, I said it’s “basically” (but not exactly) the same. If you want to do something (like this or something different) you always have to be aware what you want to achieve and what data you have to be successful.

In our previous example we had 3 separate questions, one for each item, saying “Computer? Yes (correct) or No (incorrect).” etc. While building the text for the variable we could use conditions like “if computer? is correct (=Yes)”.

Of course this can’t work if all items are in the same question. You can add “Computer_Yes” if the question is correct, but the question IS correct when all options are selected. This means when the question is correct, the “devices_received” variable should be “Computer_Yes_Keys_Yes_Instructions_Yes”. So you need to analyze the question variable to identify the options a user has selected.

The new sample provides the following information about a users answers to the list:

100 / passed: All options have been selected

50 / failed: Some (but not all options) have been selected

25 / failed: The user has not yet received any item but has anwered the form

0 / incomplete: The user has opened the course but not answered the form


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