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For problem 2 – can you have a pop-up page (with wider dimensions on the page), and instead of having a drag of the right border to expand, have a double-click?  (I know the double-click works for many softwares to expand to see all, not sure if that works with your software in question).  The double-click would be easier to simulate than a drag I think…you could use maybe 2 transparent buttons over the column they need to expand, the first transparent button disappears, the 2nd transparent button will simulate the column expanding.

If you have trouble getting 100% of what you need for some of the other options, what I have done in the past if I couldn’t fake it, is to (for example) show a picture of a mouse with a right-click option for the user to click on, or an image of an F11 key for the user to click on.  Not the first choice, but maybe something to use as a backup.