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Alright this is great that everyone is having the same issues.  Could SOMEONE from TRIVANTIS pipe in with the solution.

Rationale why this is happening is because every users personal browser is using it’s own default settings to view the material on the page.  Which is hilarious because i’m using verdana, arial and the most used fonts in the universe and somehow the browsers are still screwing up the kerning and line spacing.

Solution: (the only one I know of that is painful as faaaa) is to click on the properties of the text box and click on convert to image.  All this will do is preserve all the aesthetic settings so each persons browser doesn’t and it will hold the integrity. SEE ATTACHED.

Only other solution is to reduce the volume on the page of content.

But serious trivantis should have their publishing and developing team FIGURE THIS OUT. In this day and age we shouldn’t have to be worrying about this problem that is so 2000’s.


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