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Thanks for checking – I can’t image that is the correct resolution though.  If you build the same thing using 18.0.2 it works fine.  (maybe different if you are running something in 18.0.2, that was built in 18.1.2?

Attached is the same setup, but built in 18.0.2 that executes the actions in the correct order from top to bottom.

If the variable is being set correctly, then perhaps there is an issue with the logic registering the ‘go to page’ actions.  perhaps those are the only type of actions being skipped vs running in reverse order?  (It is the same exact action to ‘go to page 16 if the question is wrong’, as it is for all subsequent pages.  So if as you say that “the actions are all executing but there is nothing to make it stop on that page”, then the same logic should apply, and not make it stop on the page with q16?

Perhaps there is something else I’m missing entirely…