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Here’s a quick example – many ways to do this, I tried to choose the most straight-forward… might be an easier way, but I definitely know there are many other ways…

  1. Two buttons on the first page to take you to each store.
  2. Each chapter for the stores have unique buttons (first page of the chapter needs a unique ‘back’ button to take back to the ‘choose your store’ page.  Last page of the chapter needs a unique ‘next’ page to also take user back to the choose your store page.
  3. On the last page of the respective store chapter, modify a variable so you know which store they chose (in case you need to use it later for an assessment.  I have it modify a variable called ‘Var_store’.  it will contain the letter A if they chose store A, and (you guessed it), Var_store will contain the letter B if they chose store B.
  4. Once they get back to the original page after completing their respective section, a couple actions on page show to both hide the store buttons, and show the completion group, which has a button to take them to the subsequent chapter.
  5. You could of course just have the user continue with the course after their respective store section, which would be a bit simpler, but if you need them to return to the original page, then you will need a setup similar to what I’ve done.

I zipped up and attached the example.  Hope it helps!  Let me know if you have any questions.