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I’m not sure how well local files are supported with the Oculus browser. Its based on Chromium, which as you know puts severe security restrictions on serving up local file content even on the desktop.  If you really need to load HTML published files locally, you might try the Firefox Reality browser on the device, it generally works better with local content on the desktop, although I haven’t tried it for local content in the headset.

But if offline is what you want to support, why not just use the CenarioVR app for the headset? It is designed to run in offline mode, it automatically downloads assigned content to the device, and it also manages updates to the content when the device is connected. You also get full support for the controller, which is a far better experience than using “gaze to select”.

It only needs to be internet connected once every two weeks to check for updates and validate the user ID on the device.


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