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A minor one:

  • Automatically add new variables to the next available condition line when using the “New Variable” button in the “Set Action Conditions” window. The only reason I would ever click this button and add a new variable is if I wanted to use it here in the conditions.


And a major one:

  • Allow toolbar tabs (Properties, Style, Position & Size) to be unsnapped from the top area as separate windows – similar to the Action Pane!! I swear I spend half my life clicking around in that top area trying to find the correct pane (it doesn’t help that some appear/disappear depending on selected item).
  • At the very least: FIX THE ALT SHORTCUTS for tabs. Currently I can only Alt-F to go to File… why don’t the rest of these have shortcuts? “Position & Size” has an “&” shortcut which doesn’t work at all… see attached screenshot for comparison to Word.