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Hi Joe

thanks it works. Best would be if we had a checkbox to “Include Publish Strings” in the translation dialogue. There should be no need to translate the texts to French each time.

Currently the selection of the language version of the Publish Strings is a Lectora setting. So I’m doing FR no problem, next is PL, but I forget to change the strings to PL and deliver PL with FR strings, which is not as good 😉 Next version. “Oh, there’s a missing blank before the question mark in FR ? No problem I can correct within minutes.”
Customer: “The messages now have unreadable symbols.”
Me: “It would be readable, if you were Thai”

It would be much easier if I could save the language version of the Publish Strings along with the title or select the language within the Publishing dialogue. I know there’s the “Languages” tab, but it won’t publish the selected Publish Strings unless I also select a “translation file” which is something that I  definitely want to avoid.