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No, but there should be! I’ll figure out the best place for it, but for now:

7/9/18 – Ability to set initial scene view in scene properties, Object rotation

7/30/18 – Downloadable Analytics

8/10/18 – Object locking for edit mode, action reordering, dashboard card menu options

11/13/18 – Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR Native Apps, live score updates, Pan To in VR, creating a copy of a scenario, copying and pasting scenes

1/8/19 – Oculus Rift, Lenovo Daydream Solo, Google Daydream, HTC Vive Focus support

1/30/19 – Timeline Update with new event list, draggable and named events, scenario export, ability to start preview at any time by setting the edit timeline to the start time and selecting preview

2/22/19 – List view on the dashboard, text justification, custom thumbnails, updated condition list that begins with the current scene

4/15/19 – Full variable support, along with a variable manager and modify variable action, Animations and effects for objects including an animate action, hover in and out actions for hotspots

5/7/19 – Cross fading scenes, exit action, custom preload screens, OR conditions, Public scenario setting at the organization level

7/13/19 – Spatial Audio, Spatial audio in video, Individual volume levels for each audio and video element, audio preview for audio objects in edit mode, Oculus Quest Support, SSO support