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@timk I have another question for you – if you don’t mind?  I read another thread which you’d supported with.  When I publish to my LMS and test it, I deliberately fail it 3 times.  My first attempt feeds through to my LMS as failed with the failed scored (which is right).  On my second attempt, I fail again, but this time the status on my LMS shows ‘incomplete’ with my failing score.  Then, on my third attempt, I fail again, and this time my status on my LMS shows ‘failed’ with my failed score but instead of showing another attempt, it updates the ‘incomplete’ attempt 2 and makes it look like I’ve only had 2 attempts.

I tested it on SCORM cloud and it feeds back as failed on the second attempt and I published in debug mode and the trigger on both attempts says ‘failed’ so I’ve contacted my LMS vendor to see if they can shed any light.

Have you ever come across this?