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One thing to note is that is that only IE displays alt tags on hover. The actual purpose of an “alt” (“alternative”) tag is to be displayed if an image does not load. The “title” tag is specifically for a hover. Many people using IE are used to the alt tag being displayed on hover, so when they don’t see it , they assume there is no alt tag. But that is not necessarily the case; it may be there but not visible on hover, like in Chrome or Firefox. Support for a title tag in Lectora (checkbox on publish?) would be convenient for those used to having others request “alt tags” when they really mean title tags on hover.

See the following link for alt vs title (not an endorsement of this site; it just succinctly explained the issue):


That said, completely removing alt tags in favor of aria-labels would not satisfy the requirement of having “alternative” text should an image not load, or if a user were using a text-only browser, as some in the accessibility community do.

I just did a quick test using v18.1.2. When I turn off the images in the IE browser, I do see the alt text for my main content image, so that’s correct. However, I do not see the alt text for any of the image buttons I’ve used or transparent buttons or for any controls in the audio play bar. That should be corrected. Alt text displays properly for images and buttons using v16.2.2 when images are turned off, but not for the audio Play and Mute buttons.

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