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Looking at the code in IE Developer tools, I do see a difference between the French and the English. In the French version, there is an HREF placed on the anchor tag that precedes the label. (see truefalse-fr.PNG). The same anchor tag in English does not have an HREF (see truefalse-en.PNG).

Also, this HREF is placed during Publish and can be seen in the HTML file itself. In page311466.html, line 1281 (see truefalse-fr-html.PNG).

Since a label can trigger its associated button, there is no apparent reason why an HREF is needed. Seems like a bug.

Ryan, while you wait for a fix, you could either edit the published HTML to remove the HREF or write some jQuery to remove it at runtime. And of course, report it as a bug to Trivantis: wcag@trivantis.com