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I agree with both Adam and Carl, that “All of the above” can hardly be used for a multiple response answer. It can only be the correct answer to a single choice question with multiple correct answers. But from my experience noone would read a question to the end because for 99.99 % of the questions “All of the above” is the correct answer, so I always click it right away.

Another problem is that a multiple choice question with “All of the above” as one of the options would have 3 correct answers: Checking only “All of the above”, Checking all but “All of the above” and Checking All options. It would be quite a lot of effort to handle all of these while the question in Lectora can only have 1 correct answer.

But if you want to use it, add an action to the checkbox for “All of the above”:

On: Select/Change
Action: Change Contents
Target: Question 1
Value: Set text
Text: All of the above

Condition: Only if “Question_0001” Does Not Contain “All of the above”.