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Works much better! The anchored objects at the top of the page do disappear on scroll down, but reappear in their proper position when scrolling stops. But the transition is much smoother now. The Menu button now works and does not pop me back to the top of the page. On scroll up, the anchored menu fixes itself to the bottom of the page though until scrolling stops. Then it moves back into position.

The other issues I’m having with this type of design in iOS are still present. My course dimensions are 1009 x 662, but my page dimensions are much longer- presently 1009 x 32000. Here are the issues:

  1. Mouse in/out actions don’t work at all. I have a side bar menu with buttons that on mouse in is set to show the name of a section and then on click is set to move the user to that section. Neither of these actions work. For mobile devices, is there something I need to add to emulate these actions?
  2. Buttons with actions set to go to a place vertically don’t work at all. In addition to the side menu actions to go to specific sections, there are other buttons on the page that reveal a section and then move the page to that section. Works great in PC and Mac browsers, but not on iOS. Buttons will not move the page vertically. Is this something that can be fixed, or do I need to accept that vertical movement with actions is not possible?
  3. I can’t anchor an object below the course window height. For instance, if I want to anchor a photo at position 3600y so that it stays  in place while everything else scrolls past it ( for a parallax effect) , it doesn’t work. Is this something I’ll have to add Javascript to create?